Multi zone and single zone digital signage solutions

ONELAN and LG deliver a cost effective digital signage solution for...

Corporate Communications

Retail Networks

Quick Service Restaurants

Hospitality Networks

Education Networks

ONELAN's enterprise CMS supports mixed networks

Small screens through to video walls


The ONELAN player software for LG webOS 3.0 provides a cost effective solution without the need for a physical signage player. Powered by the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) a range of enterprise tools are included as standard e.g. LDAP integration and sophisticated roles based access control. ONELAN's CMS can be deployed on premise where internet connection is not available.

Key Features


ONELANS LG webOS solution offers the following features:

  • Store and Forward content delivery
  • Fully network/ browser based interface
  • Drag and drop play listing
  • Time validity/ day parting
  • Screen on/off control
  • Landscape or portrait support
  • Player tagging/ conditional play
  • Multi zone or single zone
  • Mulitilingual user interface
  • Centralised device monitoring and management
  • Role based permissions
  • On premise or cloud hosted deployment
  • HDMI Capture Support

Media Support

The following range of media formats are supported

  • Image
  • Full HD Video
  • Scrolling text
  • RSS feed
  • HTML (local)
  • HDMI Capture
  • HTML (web)
  • Image transparency
  • Flash
  • Twitter App (optional)


The following LG commercial displays are supported. If you require support for other models please contact

The following LG webOS 2.0 models are compatible with ONELAN’s webOS player:

  • 22SM3B
  • 43SM3B
  • 49SM3B
  • 55SM3B
  • 32SM5B/32SM5KB
  • 43SM5B/43SM5KB
  • 49SM5B/49SM5KB
  • 55SM5B/55SM5KB
  • 65SM5B/65SM5KB
  • 49UH5B*
  • 55UH5B*
  • 65UH5B*

*(Full HD only)

The following LG webOS 3.0 models are compatible with ONELAN’s webOS player:

  • 43SM3C
  • 49SM3C
  • 55SM3C
  • 32SM5C/32SM5KC
  • 43SM5C/43SM5KC
  • 49SM5C/49SM5KC
  • 55SM5C/55SM5KC
  • 65SM5C/65SM5KC


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